How much pre-workout should you take before your workout?

Avid gym-goers and fitness buffs are always looking for ways to improve their performance during a workout. Whether it’s what they eat during or after a session, how they sleep, or a new recovery and stretching regimen, there are numerous methods people take to see more results from their workouts.

Pre-workout is one method many fitness enthusiasts swear by as a way to improve your stamina in the gym. How much you should take beforehand depends on many factors such as gender, weight, height, type of pre-workout, and more.

In this article, we’ll go over how much pre-workout is best for different scenarios and how to properly utilize it to get the most out of your fitness routine.

How much pre-workout should you take before working out?

What is pre-workout?

Pre-workout is a caffeinated supplement that many people take to give them an extra boost of energy for their workout. It is often taken before the workout begins to give it time to have the desired effect.

The supplement often comes in a powder form that can be mixed with water. It can also come in the form of food or pills, but those forms are less common. Pre-workouts can contain stimulants but can also be found without stimulants added.

Benefits and risks of pre-workout

If you’re going to take pre-workout, you may be curious what some benefits and risks of the supplement may be. Although pre-workouts are widely taken and are generally safe, there can still be some adverse side effects from time to time.


The ability to sustain a workout longer and improve the quality of movement are the main benefits of pre-workout supplements and why gym buffs take them frequently.

Pre-workout on its own does not help to promote weight loss or health. Rather, it is used to give a boost of energy that will allow you to get a better workout leading to health benefits along the way.

How much pre-workout should you take before working out?


Since pre-workout came on the market, there has been some debate about just how safe it is to take it and take it frequently as a workout supplement. The safety of consuming pre-workout depends greatly on the ingredients it contains, how much you are taking and how your body handles it.

Every person will likely have a slightly different reaction to any supplement they take. That is why it is wise to research the ingredients in your pre-workout before you take it and know how your body will react.

If you know that you do not react well to caffeine, for example, you can look for a pre-workout that contains little to no caffeine in the supplement.

Pre-workout can also cause some discomfort if taken too much or on a completely empty stomach. It can cause you to experience sleeplessness, an upset stomach, and headaches.

How much should you take before a workout?

As stated before, how much pre-workout you should take depends on a wide variety of factors. Some factors that will determine how much to take include weight and height, gender, type and potency of pre-workout, and type of workout you intend to do.

Many pre-workouts will have dosages on the back labels that guide you to what amount may be right for you. Generally, powdered supplements will come with a scoop that is the exact size of the dosage you should consume.

This is a safe way to be sure you are taking the correct amount and not taking too much. It is a good rule of thumb to give the pre-workout a try at a lower dosage the first time to see how you react to it and whether the full dose will be good for you.

Where can you find pre-workout?

Pre-workout supplements can be found in many places. Online shops, specialty fitness stores, and even sometimes large department stores will carry numerous forms of the supplement so you can choose the right one for you.

Many times, your local gym may also carry a few different pre-workouts you can purchase.


Pre-workout is a great way to supplement your workout routine and get a boost of energy to get the best results from it.

How much you should take differs from person to person, but proper dosage information is readily available on the packaging, so you can be sure you are taking it safely and getting in a great workout!

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