How Long Does it Take for Weight Loss Supplements to Work?

One of the common ways to reduce weight involves the use of weight loss supplements. The question is: how long does it take for them to work?

Weight loss supplements typically take 2-4 weeks of dosage before you can observe noticeable results. Following a proper diet plan and regularly working out, alongside consuming weight loss supplements, goes a long way in helping you make the most out of your weight loss journey.

Read below to know more about how to best reap the benefits of weight loss supplements and the additional things you need to be ticking off in your diet control plan so you’re able to reduce your weight in a sustainable, holistic manner.

How Long Does it Take for Weight Loss Supplements to Work?

How Do You Know the Supplements Have Started Kicking In?

Weight loss supplements typically contain thermogenic substances such as caffeine or green tea extract. You may experience a higher body temperature which would lead to sweating and higher levels of alertness which would help you stay energized if you plan to work out directly after taking your supplements.

These effects start to take place either immediately after consumption in a matter of a few minutes, or at most, an hour. You may or may not experience hunger alongside feeling energized and alert, depending on whether the supplements contain appetite suppressants. 

Can You Reduce Weight Via Supplements Alone?

In short words: no, at least not in any sustainable manner. How late or early you lose weight depends on a lot of factors including the timing, dosage, whether or not you’re following a diet plan, and genetics.

Some people believe they can reduce weight by only relying on supplements, but this is a misconception. Weight loss supplements work best when they’re combined with other methods of weight control such as a dedicated exercise regimen and a proper diet plan.

Think of it this way: working out and eating well sets the foundation for your weight loss journey, while supplements are just additional tools you make use of in order to boost the benefits of an already solid diet control plan.

How Long Does it Take for Weight Loss Supplements to Work?

How Long Does it Take To Notice Results from Weight Loss Supplements?

Results from weight loss supplements can be noticeably unpredictable. This is because a lot of factors come into play such as weather, the quality, and authenticity of the supplements, whether or not the consumer is following an exercise routine, and so on.

Typically though, most people start observing noticeable results from weight loss supplements within 2-3 weeks of dosage. Other people may not notice any major results even after months and weeks, and out of nowhere, lose a couple of pounds the next morning.

The key here is to be patient and consistent. Don’t throw in the towel if you’re not noticing the results you expected to come into being quick. Also, stay committed to a holistic weight control plan alongside consuming weight loss supplements.

How Should You Time Your Supplement Dosage?

Timing plays an important role when it comes to taking supplements. There are two approaches you can take here: taking your supplements first thing in the morning right before breakfast, or right before you work out.

Basically, supplements increase your metabolism rate, which is the reason why you feel energized after taking them. While waking up you might notice yourself to feel drowsy and sluggish – that’s because our metabolism levels are low during sleep. Taking supplements right before breakfast gets the metabolic rate up, burning calories and ultimately helping you reduce fat.

The other approach involves combining the benefits of both supplements and a thorough workout. You take your supplements as a pre-workout energizer, which helps you stay alert and focused while exercising. It will also help you work out for longer hours, as the stimulating caffeine in supplements will keep you awake.

How Many Supplements Should You Take Within a Day?

It may seem like the more supplements you take, the more you’ll lose weight, but it can actually bring the opposite effect as an overdosage will cause you to develop tolerance to the supplements, which would tone down their beneficial properties.

The best practice here is to take exactly the amount of dosage as recommended by the manufacturer. Not too little, not too much.

The Importance of Cycling Your Supplement Dosage

Cycling when you take weight loss supplements is an essential step as it ensures your body remains ‘unaccustomed’ to the effects of the supplements. What cycling means is taking the supplements in an on and off manner. 

Most medical professionals recommend taking a supplement for about two to four weeks, followed by a period of interval in which you allow your body the necessary rest and space it requires to remain receptive to the effects of weight supplements.

If you don’t cycle your supplement dosage, your body will develop a tolerance to the supplements, which means they would fail to provide the same benefits they did when you first started taking them. Your metabolic rate won’t be as stimulated and you’ll find yourself requiring an extra amount of dosage in order to receive the intended energization that weight supplements have to offer.

How Do You Avoid the Side Effects of Weight Loss Supplements?

Weight loss supplements have several side effects which include anxiety, high levels of stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, and so on. These side effects usually come into being when you’re consuming an unnecessarily high amount of supplements without cycling and timing their dosage properly. To avoid this, use them in only the amount specified by the manufacturer, and cycle their dosage.

Additionally, it’s important to consult a medical professional in the first place before deciding to take supplements, because certain people such as pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those suffering from heart diseases are not recommended to use supplements.

Should You Take Weight Loss Supplements in the Day or the Evening?

Weight loss supplements energize you by increasing your metabolic rate. Taking them in the evening or the night can be harmful as it can lead to insomnia. An unhealthy sleep cycle can slow down metabolism and negatively impact your health in general.

Taking weight loss supplements early in the morning, or an adequate amount of hours before sleeping ensures your body will be in the right, relaxed state when you do go to bed.

How Long Does it Take for Weight Loss Supplements to Work?

What Are the Best Weight Loss Supplements


Phen24 is a clinically proven weight loss supplement that stands out amongst a plethora of others in the market by virtue of its innovative thermogenic system which remains active even while you sleep. It’s also made of clean and sustainable materials to ensure you reap organic benefits out of a weight loss control product.


PhenQ contains a unique formula that is suitable for a variety of body types. Not only does it contain ingredients that rapidly increase your metabolic rate to burn as many fats as possible, it also contains mood-regulating substances so you don’t experience any anxiety or other negative emotions after dosage – a common issue with many weight loss supplements out there.


Forskolin contains entirely organic and herbal ingredients to ensure a sustainable result and is made up of a formula that stimulates the production of cAMP – a molecule that manages your thyroid, which in turn, regulates your metabolism. This intensifies your metabolism rate and causes you to lose weight fast. Forskolin is also cost-effective, as by buying three bottles, you get three more for free.

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