How Do You Do The Sledgehammer Workout Without A Tire?

Exercise has come a long way from just running, biking, and swimming. From battling ropes to the Ironman workout, there is likely to be a workout for your needs. One of the most popular exercises right now is the Sledgehammer Workout, but can you do it without using a tire?

According to the fitness website, Healthy for Better, you can do the sledgehammer workout without a tire and get the same results. There are several substitutes that you can easily find around the house or in your neighborhood.

Learn more about the sledgehammer workout and tire alternatives, as well as some of the benefits of the workout for your body.

How Do You Do The Sledgehammer Workout Without A Tire?

What Is The Sledgehammer Workout?

The sledgehammer workout strengthens all parts of your body while increasing endurance and improving hand-eye coordination. GQ magazine calls the sledgehammer workout one inspired by the Norse gods.

The workout is a great way to relieve stress and works the parts of the body that many want to improve upon, including the back, shoulders, arms, legs, and the core. It can also provide:

  • Increase grip and forearm strength
  • Enhance rotational strength
  • Improve overall conditioning and work capacity
  • Provides mental toughness
  • Strengthens tendons and joints due to the shock of slamming

To do the exercise, take a sledgehammer and swing it down while engaging your core. Most sledgehammer workouts will have a person swinging at a tire, which adds resistance and helps with overall strength building.

Depending on whether you are just beginning or have been doing sledgehammer workouts for some time, start with fewer reps and then work your way up. Many experts suggest starting with 10-15 second intervals before increasing the time.

Other Items You Can Use In The Sledgehammer Workout?

This article is asking whether you can do the sledgehammer workout without a tire and the answer is a resounding yes. The tire acts as a way to bring resistance to your swings, which forces your muscles to work harder.

Healthy for Better gives a few suggestions to replace a tire, which include:

  • Orange construction snow fence
  • A rolled-up old rug
  • Horse stall mats that are rolled up
  • Gym workout mats that are rolled up
  • A mat over a medicine ball
  • Tile rugs or a rubber mat that is cut up into tiles
  • Cardboard box stacked with old newspapers

There are numerous other ways to get the same effects as using a sledgehammer on a tire, so the possibilities are endless. Even doing everyday chores, such as cutting wood with an ax or doing construction on your property, can give you the same effects as the sledgehammer workout.

If you can’t find anything to hit or don’t have any ax-wielding chores to do, trainers have also suggested hitting a soft surface, such as sand or grass.

How Do You Do The Sledgehammer Workout Without A Tire?

Different Kinds of Sledgehammer Workouts

There are two main sledgehammer workout methods: interval slams and set slams.

Interval Slams

This method involves using your sledgehammer to slam something at high intensity for a set amount of time. Rest for a bit, and then repeat the workout. You can do this for as long as you want.

Set Slams

The set slams method means you have a set number of hits that must be completed as quickly as possible. It can take as long or as short as you need; all that matters is that you complete the full number of slams.

Both of these methods can be done one to two times per week so as not to strain yourself or overwork your muscles.

Can You Replace The Sledgehammer?

While the workout is called the sledgehammer workout, you don’t necessarily need a sledgehammer. The organization Set For Set recommends using a steel mace instead of a sledgehammer. They state that it has a much better grip and the round head prevents a swing that will hit an object in a wonky way.

The steel mace also has a longer handle for better functionality and comes in more varied weights than a sledgehammer. Beginners can start with a lighter weight and as you get stronger, you can move up to a heavier weight.


The sledgehammer workout is a great exercise to increase your strength and stamina. While it is often done with a tire, the benefits of the workout can still be accessed without one. With some creativity or searching in your home, it is easy to find a tire substitute. If all else fails, a soft surface on the ground works too.

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