Can You Take a Pre-Workout Without Water?

In the last year or so, there seems to be a growing trend toward taking a pre-workout without water. This is a trend that seems to have been born on TikTok and really exploded in popularity from there. But, can you really do this? Can you take a pre-workout without water?

The answer is no. Consuming pre-workout powders without mixing them into water is just plain dangerous. The water isn’t just there to ensure that the pre-workout powder tastes good. It is there to ensure that your body doesn’t absorb that pre-workout too quickly. It also helps to prevent you from getting dehydrated during your workout.

Let’s explain this to you. This is because we really do want to make it massively clear just how important it is to avoid listening to anybody that says that you can take a pre-workout without water, no matter how into their workout regimes that person seems to be. 

Can You Take a Pre-Workout Without Water?

Can You Take a Pre-Workout Without Water?

You can, but it isn’t recommended.

By this, we are assuming that you mean taking the powder straight, on a spoon.

There is a reason why pre-workout powder is mixed with a liquid. It isn’t to satisfy your tastebuds. It is because it is just dangerous to consume a pre-workout powder without any liquid. In fact, without being hyperbolic, you could be risking death if you take a pre-workout without water.

We are not quite sure what started the trend toward people suggesting that you should take a pre-workout without water. We assume it is because people believed that ditching the water ensures that the pre-workout ingredients get to work faster on your system. Which, in fairness, they do. However, it is the fact that they do get to work faster which does end up having those negative effects. 

Why Can’t You Take a Pre-Workout Without Water?

So, why is it best to avoid using a pre-workout without water? Let’s go through some of the reasons. Do bear in mind that some of the reasons may be a little bit more on the ‘extreme’ side. For example, we are going to talk about how there is the potential for heart attacks. Although it is worth noting that the risk of this is still going to be quite minimal, probably only fractionally higher than if you were working out anyway. However, we are hoping that the potential for death is enough to steer you clear of making a foolish decision.

The Water Hydrates You

Pre-workout products are packed to the brim with a whole host of ingredients. However, it doesn’t matter which pre-workout you purchase, the main ingredients are almost always going to be creatine and caffeine. Both of these are fantastic when it comes to assisting you with your workout. However, both of these are notorious for dehydrating you.

We are positive that you already know just how vital it is that you have hydration while you are working out. In fact, if you aren’t hydrated, working out becomes harder. If you consume a pre-workout without water, then you are essentially throwing dehydrating ingredients into your body. You are making your workout a whole lot tougher.

Not only this, but the water in a pre-workout will actually help to keep you dehydrated during the early stages of a workout session.

Heart Issues

As we said, pre-workouts are packed to the brim with all sorts of nutrients designed to aid you in your workout. These ingredients can vary a little bit. However, their goal is to boost energy levels, hydrate you, ensure that your body recovers quickly after, etc.

These ingredients work well when they are diluted. Your body takes a lot longer to absorb them. However, when you throw a whole host of these ingredients into your body at once with absolutely no dilution, it can trigger a hormone rush. This means that you may experience the following:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Feelings of anxiety

In rare cases, both of these issues could end up leading to a heart attack, and that is probably not something that you really want to be dealing with.

Digestive Issues

At the same time, your stomach isn’t going to be pleased about all of these odd ingredients landing in your stomach in a rather pure form. Those that consume a pre-workout without powder tend to have the following issues:

  • Stomach pain
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

These aren’t issues that are going to hit you a long time after you have finished workout out either. Oh no. You could be in the midst of your workout session, and suddenly diarrhea strikes. We are hoping that you are going to be able to get to the bathroom in time because that is certainly not something that will be pleasant for the others in that gym

Can You Take a Pre-Workout Without Water?

Lung Issues 

Consuming a powder of any sort, particularly something that tastes as bad as a pre-workout, is not going to be good.

Pre-workout powders are dry. If you put one in your mouth, you are likely to cough and splutter.

On a good day, you would be able to swallow it. However, some people have found that the powder gets into their lungs. You may cough this out. In fact, you probably will. However, if the powder ends up getting into your lungs, there is always a risk of a lung infection. Again, probably not something that you want to be dealing with.

Of course, this is an issue that you will be able to completely alleviate by actually spending some time mixing your pre-workout up with a bit of water. You don’t need a lung infection, so why put yourself in a position where you can get one?

It Tastes Awful 

By now, we are fairly confident that you have already made your mind up to avoid consuming pre-workout powder without water. However, if the heart issues, digestive issues, and lung issues are not enough to sway you, then perhaps being told that it is just going to taste awful may be enough? Those concentrated flavors are just going to taste ridiculously awful. It is the sort of thing that you will physically gag at when it goes in your mouth.

Options For a Pre-Workout Without Water

As near as we can tell, there are currently no pre-workouts that are recommended for consumption without the use of water. Due to the issues that we mentioned previously, there is unlikely that there ever will be.

We can assure you that consuming your pre-workout mixed with water is always going to be the best route to go down. No matter what other people tell you, it is just plain dangerous to consume a pre-workout without water.

If you really, really do not want to drink water, then we suppose that you are able to consume some sort of protein or energy bar. However, do bear in mind that this is something that is going to have nowhere near the same amount of benefit as a pre-workout would.

Final Word

Despite what you may have been told, you cannot take a pre-workout without water. It is something that you need to avoid at all costs. Not only is it going to be dangerous to consume a pre-workout without water, but it just tastes horrible. If you really don’t feel like drinking water before exercising, then try and get a proper nutrition plan in place instead. It is going to be a lot better for you. At least you won’t be running the risk of having a heart attack.

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