Best Quick Morning Workout For Beginners! 11 Easy and Quick Morning Workouts

Multiple studies indicate if you do some workout in the morning, you will be in a better mood all day long. These trusted sources show that you will have more energy; So you’ll certainly be a better colleague, friend, or partner.

That’s why we have introduced the 11 best easy and quick morning workouts that help you get the most out of your day!

What Is The Best Exercise To Do First Thing In The Morning?

If you want to feel great all day, it’s ideal to begin your day with great good morning exercise. Start your day with some simple and quick exercises straight out of bed and you’ll be energized, motivated, and ready for anything. You don’t have to get in a long-time full training — just 5 to 10 minutes will do. Warm-up and stretching movements are the best exercises to do first thing in the morning.

Here are 11 best and easy morning workouts for beginners:


Quick Morning Workout For Beginners

A morning walk or run can be a great way to kick off the day in style. This movement will increase your metabolism and encourage better fat burning. Many studies indicate that if you go for 6 min of jogging before you eat anything (in a fasted state), you’ll end up burning stored fat first thing in the morning.


Nothing helps to build those core muscles more than a good old-fashion plank. Plank is indeed a static resistance workout, meaning it engages your muscles without any movement and improves your posture. One thing I love the most about plank is that there’s no risk of injury or strain in plank. All you need to do is to hold yourself in place for 30 to 60 seconds which will push your abs, back, and obliques. This is one of the best core-building workouts that will straighten your spine and can be a great option for a good morning exercise routine.

Jumping Jacks

If you want to get the blood flowing to your muscles and organs immediately, just do a set of 30 to 50 jumping jacks! Jumping jacks are amazing cardiovascular movements. They’ll engage your legs and your shoulder joints which make you more mobile all day long. Jumping Jacks are easy morning workouts for beginners.


Squats are the best option if you aim to stop skipping leg days! As they activate your entire lower body, throwing in a set or two of squats first thing in the morning is a clever choice. The fact that your legs are actually the largest muscle group of your body means you’ll burn more calories with less effort, by training them. In addition, exercising your legs can help to improve your mobility, boost your metabolism, and reduce the risk of knee, ankle, and hip injuries.


Push-up is a quick morning workout for beginners. To get that strong upper body, you’ve always wanted, only stick on push-ups in the morning. They’re amazing for building the “pushing” muscles including your chest, shoulders, triceps, and forearms. As a beginner, doing at least one set of 5 to 20 push-ups every day can help you get stronger.

Yoga Sequence

Quick Morning Workout For Beginners

Fit this Yoga sequence into your morning workout and see its amazing results. I mean who doesn’t like an exercise that not only helps you physically but also mentally. To start this quick morning workout for beginners, easily go into Child’s Pose, then back into Cobra Pose. Then, finish by going into the Downward Dog position and back up to your feet slowly. You’ll need to hold each pose for 5-8 seconds. This movement stretches your spine and joints amazingly and helps you release any aches and pains from a night of rest.

Balancing Table Pose

One of the best easy morning workouts for beginners is a classic yoga pose, Balancing Table Pose. It benefits many parts of the body including the spine, balance, memory, and concentration. Don’t forget to breathe in before starting each movement. You should maybe know that breathing in all yoga poses is an important factor. That’s why it actually is great for your mental health. So, focusing on your breath as you do the exercise is the key.

Bicep Curls

You can do bicep curls sitting down so if you spend a lot of time on the phone, this is a great workout to do first thing in the morning. You’ll need to use suitable dumbbells or another household object that you can easily hold for this training. I love this movement as a good morning exercise. It’s very easy and quick to do and it has many great benefits. 

Abductor Side Lifts

Abductor Side Lifts indeed work a set of muscles that are important as you use them every day to run, get into the car, or onto and off a bicycle. They are very beneficial also for your core stability and prevent the pelvis from tilting. Check out the Abductor Side Lifts video to see how to do this exercise.

Cat Camel Stretch

Quick Morning Workout For Beginners

This is another good morning exercise that is useful for muscle toning and also preventing arthritis. This type of stretching exercise can either be dynamic or static. Dynamic ones like the cat camel stretch, are specifically useful for doing other workouts in the morning. It’s great for spinal flexibility and also is a good warm-up exercise.


Sit-ups are designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Sit-ups are beneficial for athletic performance, better balance, stability, flexibility, and posture. It can easily reduce the risk of back pain and injury alongside diaphragm strengthening. A set of 10-15 sit-ups in the morning will extremely affect your body strength as a beginner.

Which Morning Activity Is For Beginners?

The most popular morning activity according to is the power push-up. You can do this most simple morning exercise at home. This workout will help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, and strengthen your muscles at the same time. It works nearly every muscle in your body and prevents injury.

Previously we have introduced 10 simple morning exercises that will help you feel great the entire day long. All of them are great options for beginners and you can include some of them in your morning workout routine.

Are 10 Minute Morning Workouts Effective?

Generally speaking, fitness leads to more activity. If you can get yourself outside for even 10 or 15 minutes in the morning, plus the fitness benefits, you’ll also get the vitamin D benefits of good old sunshine. A good exercise routine improves focus, alertness, and concentration at any time of the day.

According to one 2018 study, participants who performed a morning workout session had better cognition throughout the day. Moreover, one 2016 study trusted source found that a 10-minute exercise that includes at least 1 minute of high-intensity workout, can have similar benefits to longer, moderate-paced workout sessions.

Is It Good To Workout As Soon As You Wake Up?

Everyday morning workout kick-starts your metabolism, gets your heart pumping, and helps you to reduce blood pressure. But is it a good idea to work out immediately after you jumped out of the bed?

According to HealthLine magazine, your body needs to be warm first. In other words, it’s not such a great idea to jump out of bed and go full force. To help your body become ready for your morning workout, set your alarm clock at least 10 minutes earlier than normal. These 10 minutes allow you to get your body warm and ready to perform. Taking a brisk walk, doing some stretching,  and performing dynamic movements all help your muscles and joints prepare for a good morning exercise.

Is It Okay To Do A Morning Workout Without Food?

It’s usually recommended that you exercise first thing in the morning before eating breakfast, in what’s called a fasted state. Most people believe that a morning workout with an empty stomach can help with weight loss. Research results prove that they’re not wrong. However, training after eating may give you more energy and improve your performance.

A 2016 study points to the benefits of exercising in a fasted state in terms of weight management. The research among 12 men found that those who didn’t eat anything before exercising burned more fat and reduced their caloric intake over a complete 24 hours. But, considering all these benefits, is it safe to work out on an empty stomach at all?

Although so much research support working out on an empty stomach, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ideal for you. When you exercise before you eat breakfast, you may burn valuable energy sources and have less stamina. Low blood sugar levels can also leave you feeling lightheaded, nauseous, or shaky. So, it is safe only if your body and mind are positive about it.

Last Thoughts

We have seen some of the best quick morning workouts for beginners. 11 easy and quick workouts which are amazing for helping you start your day in the best way. Not only will they get the blood flowing all over your body, but they’ll loosen up your joints and enhance your mobility. That’s what I believe is a great way to get out of bed!

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