Are PureGym Treadmills In Km Or Miles?

Curious about whether PureGym treadmills measure distance in kilometers or miles? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with the answer and clear up any confusion. Whether you’re a dedicated runner or just starting your fitness journey, knowing the units of measurement on the treadmill is essential. So, let’s get straight to it and find out if you’ll be tracking your progress in kilometers or miles at PureGym.

Understanding PureGym Treadmills

Features and Specifications

PureGym treadmills are state-of-the-art exercise machines designed to provide an effective and convenient workout experience. These treadmills boast a range of features and specifications that make them suitable for users of all fitness levels.

Some of the key features of PureGym treadmills include adjustable incline levels to simulate outdoor terrain, a variety of preset workout programs to challenge and motivate users, and a user-friendly interface that allows for easy navigation. Additionally, these treadmills are equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and handrail grips for added security during workouts.

In terms of specifications, PureGym treadmills often have robust motors capable of sustaining continuous operation, a spacious running surface to accommodate various stride lengths, and sturdy frames that can support users of different weights. These treadmills are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use and provide a smooth and comfortable running experience.

Measurement Units

One consideration when using PureGym treadmills is the choice of measurement units. Treadmills typically provide distance feedback in either kilometers (km) or miles. The unit in which the treadmill is set determines how the distance covered during a workout is displayed on the monitor.

Default Setting

By default, PureGym treadmills are set to measure distance in kilometers. This default setting is based on the metric system commonly used in many countries around the world. However, in regions where the imperial system is widely used, such as the United States, users may prefer to have the treadmill display distance in miles.

Implications of Unit Conversion

Potential Misunderstandings

The choice of unit conversion on PureGym treadmills can lead to potential misunderstandings. For users accustomed to one unit of measurement, seeing distance displayed in the other unit can cause confusion and miscalculations. This can affect users’ perception of their workout progress and may lead to inaccurate tracking of their fitness goals.

For example, if a user is used to tracking their distance in kilometers but mistakenly sets the treadmill to display miles, they may believe they have covered a greater distance than they actually have. This can lead to a false sense of achievement or misguided adjustments to their workout routine.

Importance of Correct Unit Setting

Setting the treadmill to display the correct unit is crucial to accurately tracking and measuring one’s fitness progress. Whether one prefers kilometers or miles, ensuring that the treadmill is set to the desired unit helps enhance the overall workout experience and provides users with a reliable means of monitoring their achievements.

Are PureGym Treadmills In Km Or Miles?

Switching between Km and Miles

Step-by-step Guide

Switching between kilometers and miles on a PureGym treadmill is a simple process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to switch between these two units:

  1. Locate the settings or preferences menu on the treadmill’s display. This can usually be accessed through a designated button or touchscreen interface.

  2. In the settings menu, look for the option to change the unit of measurement. It may be labeled as “Distance Unit” or a similar term.

  3. Select the desired unit of measurement, either kilometers or miles, by using the arrow keys or touchscreen functionality.

  4. Once the preferred unit is selected, save the changes and exit the settings menu.

By following these steps, users can easily switch between kilometers and miles on PureGym treadmills, ensuring that the displayed distance aligns with their preferred unit of measurement.

Considerations for Users

Personal Preference

When deciding which unit of measurement to use on a PureGym treadmill, personal preference is an essential factor to consider. Some users may have a natural inclination towards one unit over the other due to their familiarity or geographical location. It is crucial for users to feel comfortable and motivated when using the treadmill, and choosing the preferred unit can contribute to a more enjoyable workout experience.

Familiarity with Units

Another consideration is the user’s familiarity with different units of measurement. Users who are more comfortable with the metric system might prefer kilometers, which is widely used in many parts of the world. On the other hand, individuals who are more accustomed to the imperial system might feel more at ease with miles. Opting for the unit that users are most familiar with can help avoid confusion and facilitate accurate tracking of workout progress.

Are PureGym Treadmills In Km Or Miles?

Benefits of Each Unit

Advantages of Km

Using kilometers as the unit of measurement on a PureGym treadmill offers several advantages. Firstly, it aligns with the metric system, making it easier for users in countries that primarily use this system. Secondly, kilometers provide a more precise measurement due to their smaller increments, allowing for a more detailed assessment of distance covered and progress made. Lastly, choosing kilometers may be beneficial for users who prefer thinking in terms of international road race distances, which are typically measured in kilometers.

Advantages of Miles

Opting for miles as the unit of measurement on a PureGym treadmill also comes with its advantages. For users in regions such as the United States, where the imperial system is widely used, selecting miles allows for a more familiar and relatable experience. Additionally, miles provide larger increments compared to kilometers, which can offer a sense of accomplishment for users who cover greater distances during their workouts.

Tips for Accurate Distance Tracking

Using Phone Apps

To ensure accurate distance tracking on a PureGym treadmill, users can consider utilizing phone apps that are specifically designed for this purpose. These apps utilize the treadmill’s built-in sensors and the phone’s GPS capabilities to provide precise measurements of distance covered. By syncing the app with the treadmill and following the instructions provided, users can obtain reliable and accurate distance feedback in their desired units.

GPS Devices

Another option for accurate distance tracking is using GPS devices. These devices, often worn on the wrist or attached to clothing, utilize satellite technology to measure distance. While this method may not directly integrate with the treadmill’s display, it provides an alternative means of tracking distance that can be compared to the treadmill’s measurement.

Are PureGym Treadmills In Km Or Miles?

Common Treadmill Display Settings

Alternative Distance Metrics

In addition to kilometers and miles, there are other distance metrics that may be available on PureGym treadmills. These alternative metrics include laps, steps, and calories burned. Depending on the user’s preference and fitness goals, these metrics can be selected to provide different perspectives on their workout progress.

Available Features

Apart from distance metrics, PureGym treadmills offer a range of other features that users can explore. These features may include heart rate monitoring, speed control, incline adjustment, and custom workout programs. By experimenting with the available features, users can tailor their workout experience to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Potential Future Developments

Customizable Display Units

To further enhance user experience, future developments in PureGym treadmills might include customizable display units. This feature would allow users to select their preferred unit of measurement and have it consistently applied to their workouts. By providing this customization option, PureGym aims to accommodate the diverse preferences of its user base and ensure an optimal workout environment.

Automatic Region Detection

Another possibility for future developments is the implementation of automatic region detection on PureGym treadmills. This feature would enable the treadmill to automatically detect the user’s location and set the appropriate unit of measurement accordingly. By eliminating the need for manual unit selection, this innovation would simplify the user experience and reduce the potential for misunderstandings or incorrect settings.

Are PureGym Treadmills In Km Or Miles?

Customer Support and FAQs

Contacting PureGym

If users have any questions or concerns regarding the measurement units or any other aspect of PureGym treadmills, they can reach out to the dedicated customer support team. PureGym provides various channels for contacting their support team, including phone, email, and live chat options. Their knowledgeable representatives are available to provide assistance and guidance.

Addressing Common Concerns

PureGym has compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address common concerns related to their treadmills. These FAQs cover topics such as measurement unit selection, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Users can refer to this resource for quick answers and solutions to common issues.


Choosing the right unit of measurement on PureGym treadmills is an important decision that can greatly impact users’ overall workout experience. By understanding the features and specifications of these treadmills, considering personal preferences and familiarity with units, and utilizing the provided tips for accurate distance tracking, users can optimize their use of PureGym treadmills and effectively track their fitness progress. Whether in kilometers or miles, PureGym treadmills offer a versatile and reliable tool for achieving fitness goals and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Are PureGym Treadmills In Km Or Miles?

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